Continuous Improvement Chemistry

The Performance Epoxy-Coat product chemistry is continuously tested and improved. We make our own materials to the highest quality standards, and make adjustments to formulas to meet real world customer needs.

We get product and installation feedback from our own crews around the country.  With nearly 1 billion sf of installation there is no other manufacturer who evaluates and tests like Performance Industries, LLC. Our chemists and engineers analyze the results and make improvements to ensure the best quality in the business.

Our competitors buy a basic bulk formula and don’t improve it to meet real world conditions…we do!


We offer our customers the most comprehensive warranties for each of our products and services.

We were the first manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Warranty for our residential and commercial DIY Flooring Kits.

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Products & Services 

We provide quality materials and services for the entire range of residential, industrial, commercial, retail, entertainment and public space projects.

Performance Floor Coating Systems, Inc.

Epoxy sales and installation services. Epoxy systems, standard flake systems, Simulated Terrazzo and Quartz floors
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Performance Residential Floor Coating, Inc.

 Epoxy installation services including  standard epoxy systems, standard flake systems, Simulated Terrazzo, Quartz floors, Concrete Stain and 1/4" overlayment epoxy.
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Performance Epoxy Floor Coating Kits

 Aliphatic 100% Epoxy, Garage floors, basement floor, patio floor, industrial flooring, and commercial/institutional floor coating kits.
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Epoxy-Coat, Inc.

Epoxy-Coat Floor Coating Kits- Cycloaliphatic floor coating kits Garage floors, basement floor, patio floor, industrial floors, and commercial/institutional floor coating kits for the highest performance characteristics.
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Toledo Floor Resurfacing, Inc.

Our Toledo Floor Inc. division is the first on the market to offer a unique Flex System for large scale industrial and commercial customers. It delivers complete transparency and standardized common practices to the purchasing process, and can save over 50% in materials and labor costs.

Our competitors engineer a basic formula and don’t test and improve it on a regular basis in real world conditions …we do!

Manufacture, installation and repair of epoxy concrete coating systems. Industrial Flooring, Conductive Flooring System, Slip Resistant Flooring and Coating, Novolac Acid and Chemical Resistant Flooring, Decorative Flooring and Epoxy Overlayments.
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Counter Coat is perfect for Kitchen Countertops, Bar Counters, Table Tops, and Service Counters! Works perfect on Formica countertops!! Cost effective and less aggravation and time!! *Heat Resistant! *Safe for Food!
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